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Marhamchurch Parish Map


Councillor Contact Details


Frances Hunt

Email: fjhunt@marhamchurch-pc.gov.uk

Contact 01288 361899

Stuart Colwill

Email scolwill@marhamchurch-pc.gov.uk

Contact 01288 361337

Tony Perry – Vice Chair

Email: aperry@marhamchurch-pc.gov.uk

Contact 01288 362959



Timothy Edwards

Email drtedwards@marhamchurch-pc.gov.uk

Contact 01288 361863

 Robert Bray

Email:  rbray@marhamchurch-pc.gov.uk

Contact: 07888 843500


Susan Butler

email: smbutler@marhamchurch-pc.gov.uk

01288 361642

Jackie Walter – Chair

Email: jwwalter@marhamchurch-pc.gov.uk

Contact 01288 361630

Thomas O’Sullivan

01288 361984

email: tmosullivan@marhamchurch-pc.gov.uk

Isobel Waterhouse

Email: iwaterhousel@marhamchurch-pc.gov.uk

Contact 07530 983798

Marhamchurch Parish Plan

The Marhamchurch Parish Plan reflects the local vision of how local residents would like to see your area change in coming years.